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Kieran’s Diary – 2006/01/04

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Kieran has had a stable day again today. No seizures, which is good. He has had a few headaches but after getting some Calpol these have diminished. The Pediatric Macmillan Nurse visited today and gave us some stronger painkillers for Kieran as a preventative measure. We have not gave him this drugs just yet as we feel that it’s best to keep him alert as much as possible just now. If and when he develops more intense headaches then we will give him this medicine. The side effects of the drug is sleepiness, something Kieran has enough of just now.

It is noticeable that he is becoming very more tired throughout the day and sleeps for a large percentage of the time. After being bathed and freshened up tonight he had an energy burst and enjoyed some quality time with his wee cousin Sophie.
Tomorrow Joyce, our friendly social worker from CLIC Sargent WWW.CLICSARGENT.ORG.CO.UK is coming for a visit having only just returned from holiday and heard Kieran’s news.

We are continuing to be strong for Kieran, don’t know where we both get the strength from but we are grateful for all e-mails and guest book entries I think this undoubtedly helps us.

Thanks to all.

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