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Sunday, 11 February 2007 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2007/02/11

It has been a year since our brave warrior passed away to start his new journey. Yesterday was a difficult day for us all but not much different from every other day. We continue to miss his cheeky smile, his laughter , his presence. There is not a single day goes by that we don’t think of our precious son. I believe Kieran is still with us in some strange way, guiding us and helping us to accept what has happened and giving us the strength and energy to carry on.

I don’t read the diary very often now but I read it today! Reminding myself of how much Kieran had to endure in his short life. The endless hospital visits, operations, jags, medication, good as well as bad news, the rollercoaster journey- but never did he question or ask WHY.He was and still is a unique little boy who is an inspiration to many. He won many battles but unfortunately lost his final one.

The last year has been a very difficult one but having lost our precious son, his nanna and my job, we have been given another chance with the arrival of Joshua. We believe Joshua was a gift from Kieran, someone to give us hope, to care for, to love, to give us the energy to carry on. Thank you Kieran . I am sure that you are now at peace in heaven with nana looking down on little Joshua and making him into the kind, gentle and precious wee boy that you were. His true Guardian Angel.
On a positive note the KIERAN MESS FOUNDATION is his lasting legacy. Set up in his name to provide additional quality of life to children with Brain Tumours. It has succeeded in its goal in such a short space of time, gaining charitable status, smashing all donation targets and most of all sending 2 family’s on holiday at the end of last year and looking to provide for another 3 over the next few weeks. I sure Kieran would be proud.

The Foundation WILL continue to keep Kieran’s memory alive and will give a lasting legacy to this special, unique little boy who touched so many hearts with his kindness, enthusiasm and presence.

R.I.P Little Man xxx

Don’t Grieve For Me

Don’t grieve for me,
for now I’m free
I’m following the path
God laid for me.
I took His hand when
I heard His call
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day,
to laugh, to love, to work or pray.
Tasks left undone
must stay that way,
I found that peace at
the close of day.
If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joy.
Perhaps my time has
seemed all too brief,
Don’t lengthen it now
with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts,
and share with me
God wanted me now,
He set me Free.
In memory of our precious son
Kieran Peter Mess
03/11/95- 10/02/06

We would like to thank all our friend and family for the support and understanding they have shown throughout the year and in particularly yesterday. Thanks for the cards, flowers and kind words they are much appriciated.

Sunday, 24 December 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/12/24

It is very difficult to believe that it was almost a year since we were told that Kieran’s battle had came to an end and that we should take him home to prepare for his final journey. A huge amount of emotions have came our way throughout the year .The Foundation has developed far beyond our wildest dreams. The generosity and support of our family, friends and most recently my new work colleagues has been fantastic. Thank you all for helping us get through the year.

Undoubtedly the biggest and most welcomed of surprises this year was the arrival of beautiful Joshua. A gift from Kieran. It has been hard to come to terms of loosing our brave warrior and gaining another beautiful child, who very much looks like Kieran, within the same year.

Kieran would have been so, so proud of his little brother. Although I don’t think he would have appreciated the noise Joshua make when he cries. I am sure Kieran will be looking after him throughout his life. A true Guardian Angel .

Tomorrow will be a very difficult day for us to get through but with the help of having Joshua around it will make it a wee bit easier.

Below are 2 poems that depict Kieran and how we feel without him being here at this time.

Kieran Peter Mess
In My Heart You Live On,
Always There Never Gone
When the branches of the tree’s
are weighed so heavily with snow
My heart might feel as heavy
cause this Christmas time I know
that you’re not hear to bring me cheer
with all your happy ways.

But thoughts of you will be with me
through all these festive days.
And just as snow wraps the entire world
in beauty that brings such pleasure
just remembering all that we have shared
surrounds me with feelings I treasure.

You were someone special in my life
from the time that you where born.
And I’m always thinking of you
for I never could forget
the many special memories
of our happy times together-
Memories that will live inside my heart
forever and ever.
Miss You Darling, Mummy xxx.


Christmas time 2006
what does it mean for us?
An empty chair at the table
No one to make a fuss

No presents round the Christmas tree
No jolly ho ho ho
Just another lonely day
With memories – but no……

Wait – Christ was born this happy day
And lived and died for all
So we shouldn’t be too unhappy
We’ll just wait for Him to call

We’ll try to live as He would want
And not be in despair
For He has shown you heavenly things
And we’re sure you’re happy there

The day won’t be the same without you
No day ever will
But we’ll make the best we can of it
With memories growing stronger still

So have a happy Christmas
In heaven with God above
All we can send is lots kisses
And a present of our eternal love.
Love you wee man, Daddy xxx
Ps Wish Nana a Happy Christmas


Tuesday, 12 December 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/12/12

Well folks the magical day finally arrived today. Joshua Kieran Mess was born at 5.15am and weighed 3.69kg.(8lb 1oz) Today has been a very emotional day. Joshua looks very much like Kieran when he was born. Both Lorna and Joshua are well and back home already. We are both delighted to have been blessed with another beautiful baby boy and grateful to have this opportunity again.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/11/15

We had some more bad news today. Kieran’s Nana, Lorna’s mum passed away peaceful in hospital after a very short illness. We believe that she has now finished her job here and passed on to care for the brave warrior in his new life.
She will be buried next to Kieran on Tuesday. This will be a very emotional time as Kieran’s funeral is still very much in our thoughts.

Thursday, 10 August 2006 00:00

Keiran’s Diary – 2006/08/10

It has been 6 months to the day since our precious son was taken from us. Each day comes and goes and does get slightly easier as time goes by. Kieran is never far from our thoughts and there is never a day that we don’t talk of him. Lorna is keeping well albeit getting fuller, she is going back to work next week after the summer break. This will only be for a short time as she gets tired easily.

On my job front, I have been for a couple of second interviews so I’m hopeful something positive will come out of these. I am updating the web from the Glasgow to London train as I’m on my way down to the big smoke for another interview.
The Foundation continues to go from strength to strength and I have another meeting with the travel agent on Friday to finalize the “Kieran’s Travel Club” info. I’ll update the Foundation page when I get all all details.

We have been invited by our friends at Yorkhill to attend a Memorial Day on Sunday. This will be at the National Stadium in Glasgow. It is an annual event to remember all the children who have sadly passed away from the Shehallion Ward over the past 5 years. There will be a name reading ceremony and a balloon gets released for each child. I’m sure this day will be quite difficult for us to get through but it will also assist us in moving on.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/06/20

Well folks, time marches on. Each day comes and goes but never gets any easier. We continue to think of our brave warrior and take comfort that he is at peace. We have just returned from a holiday in Tuscany. Although the break was much needed and the villa and company was excellent it gave us too much time to reflect and think of Kieran. As you can see from the FOUNDATION PAGE we are continuing to raise funds and have exceeded all expectations so far. On a much more personal note Lorna and I are expecting another child, we have known for a couple of months but have waited until the 16 week period to inform everyone. We believe Kieran has spoken and requested this to fill his mummy & daddy’s life after his passing has left such a void. After all we are not getting any younger.

We are both delighted although it is difficult to understand how life takes it’s journey. The date for the birth is Dec 4th.This has given us something to plan for and look ahead to the future. Unfortunately I have been made redundant again! if only I could have as much luck in the job front as we are having with the Foundation things would be okay. Never mind I’ll just need to keep positive and hope that something comes along soon.

Tuesday, 09 May 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/05/09

It has been just over 12 weeks since our precious Kieran passed away.3 Months. To be honest it feels like very much longer. Life continues, but not without us thinking of Kieran each day .He is forever in our thoughts and never far away. The days, particularly, the weekends seem to drag in and it is at the weekends that we miss Kieran the most. I don’t have anything to keep me busy anymore, the decking is at long last finished, it went from the original design up to an addition 4 stages. I think Kieran would have been proud of it now it is finished. All homers gratefully accepted (only joking). The application for Charity Status in now complete and awaiting postage. The trust deeds took longer than I expected to complete but they are finished now.

I have continued to be busy organising the 2 fundraising events which are taking place in the next few weeks. (Check out the foundation link for updates) THE KIERAN MESS FOUNDATION The fund total is continuing to rise. A huge thanks to Tracy in Bahrain for pledging £400.00 for the signed Rangers F.C. Shirt. We will as promised keep this as a tribute to Kieran. Thanks again Tracy. With Tracy’s donation the total is standing at £1740.00.And that’s without the fundraising donations.

The school has been in touch and we are going up to present the Bench and the Trophy on the 22nd July . The kids are proposing to hold a special event at the same time. The pupil council decided that the Trophy will be awarded to a “Playground Citizen” . A child that, throughout the year shows care and friendship to other children. I’m sure Kieran would have welcomed this choice, as he was a very caring and loving child. I don’t know if I mentioned this on earlier updates, but Kieran’s pet Tarantula George passed away 2-3 weeks after Kieran. This was very strange as Kieran had kept George as his pet for the full duration of his illness. In fact when Kieran was told he would be getting Chemo he asked if he could get a wee dog. This idea was ruled out due the chances of infection and believe it or not he asked for a Tarantula. I think George had no more reason to be here and decided to join Kieran in Heaven. We buried George next to Poppy, Kieran’s favourite pet Rabbit.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the memorial stone is a fitting tribute to our warrior. We are delighted with our choice and commend the workmanship. It is just the way we hoped it would be. The memorial is never short of fresh flowers as each day our friend’s “look in” on passing the cemetery and leave some flowers for Kieran.

Some visitors to the Guest book are still leaving PRIVATE ENTRIES, please don’t as I cannot access them. If you want to leave a personal message you can e-mail me direct.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/04/22

This week has been pretty hard, it has seen the arrival of Kieran’s memorial .This in it’s self was very emotional as it now seems that a final door has been closed. This of course couldn’t be farther from from the truth and it is a fantastic piece of sculpture and a fitting tribute to our dearly missed warrior. I think Kieran would be very proud to see that he had a stone like this. A true warrior. This week (Friday) was also the first anniversary of Kieran’s friend Jack’s passing. Jack is buried a few meters from Kieran. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jack’s family at this very difficult time. I think the two boy’s will be helping each other on their next journey, playing with all the angels in heaven.

Saturday, 15 April 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/04/15

I have created a link from the homepage to take you to a new page highlighting the “Kieran Mess Foundation”. Here I will keep you all informed on how we are progressing in the challenge of raising enough money to help children who are suffering from Brain Tumours.

On a personal note we are still trying to come to terms with the loss of Kieran. Some days are better than others but all are difficult. But all in all we are doing fine. Looking forward to getting involved in the challenges with the Foundation.

Thursday, 06 April 2006 00:00

Kieran’s Diary – 2006/04/06

It has now been 8 hard weeks since we lost our precious son. There is not a minute goes by that we don’t think of Kieran and the emptiness that his passing has left in our lives. Some days are better than others. Last weekend we spent time away with our good friends Anne & Graham, this was a break to re-charge our batteries, we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our weekend. Many thanks to Linda for organising the fabulous hotel.

I received an application pack today from the Scottish Charities Commission, now I can get this filled in and hopefully we’ll get the authorization soon. We are desperate to get started on the Fundraising even though we have over £1000.00 in the fund through donations by our family and friends, many thanks to all.

Today we marked Kieran’s memory by having a small get together with Kieran’s friends at the graveside. They all let off a balloon with a small message. I think all the kids enjoyed being together and letting the balloon’s loose at the graveside was very appropriate. Everyone misses Kieran very much as he was loved by many.

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